BOFXV BMS package (temporary)

BOFXV BMS package (temporary)(unofficial)


This page has come to an end with the addition of the BOFXV package to the BMS Event Package Distribution.

Miscellaneous notes

I initially wanted to use Git to manage BMS. But "git add ." almost killed the my EC2 instance. Is it impossible for Git to handle this scale (more than 10GB) of repository?
I don't know anything about SVN. I will try git-lfs.

When Syncthing handles a huge number of files, we needs a freak’n powerful network at first. We will go bankrupt if we use it for general distribution.
I think that Syncthing is very convenient if a small number of members use it to make a package by compressing each team. I can't (or don’t).

And let's revere wasabi.
Whatever happens, we have wasabi.
Well, here is hosted by Amazon S3.

Comments !